Stefan Deland

Mårten Fredholm

Henrik Johansson

                    Dan Boström

Korg MS-20

This is one of our many fun projects!
Here we have built a Korg MS-20
and placed it in a Korg MS-20ic midi controller.


                               Vari Mu

                                Class A Tube Mastering Compressor
                                State of the art mastering compressor

I worked with it a lot over the weekend. It's the "invisible glue" I've been looking for and the gain is absolutely phenomenal. The high pass filter is in a perfect sweet spot and in general, it sounds so rich and warm. I've owned a Manley Vari Mu in the past and I think this unit blows it away.

It's made extremely well and the knobs feel really good too. Thank you again for working with me on building this unit. It's exceeded my expectations.

Tim Vitek



                  Zmago Smon

Chris Johnson

Ulf Söderberg Ljud- & Musikproduktion AB

Saso Gostincar owner of GRS PRODUCTION with his new Bergman MA-83 8 channel mic pre's ready to rock!